Chilling with Felipé in Quebec (S01-S02)

Weekly Magazine 13 X 60 minutes (S02)

For this second season, Félipé heads toward Gaspésie, Côte-Nord and Bas-du-Fleuve. Each region is the subject of a few episodes in which a variety of chefs and enthusiasts are highlighted. The artisans and professionals he meets teach him their culinary tricks. Félipé immerses himself in new ideas and tastes of local products. He travels to eat but mainly to discover and learn form an inspiring chef in all the places he visits.

Executive Producer: Véronique Dea
Directors: Jean-Philppe Pariseau and Jean-Sébastien Desrosiers

Broadcast: April 10, 2019 on Evasion

Weekly Magazine 13 X 60 minutes (S01)

« Chillin’ : the art of relaxing, partying, having a good time! »

Our favourite charcutier Félipé Saint-Laurent is about to discover la belle province in his own way. In each episode, Félipé St-Laurent takes us on a real culinary road trip through one of Quebec’s regions. While on the road, he meets with enthusiasts who make him discover unique products from their beautiful regions and sympathizes with local chefs who cook meals inspired by the flavours of their regions. Get ready to embark on a journey discovering Quebec in a unique way and to chill all summer long!

Executive Producer: Véronique Dea
Director: Jean-Philppe Pariseau