In Antoine’s Backyard

Weekly Magazine 13 X 30 minutes

There was a time when we all used to live on the same street and call each other by our last names. Summertime would always go by too fast and every day was like an adventure. It’s in this setting and atmosphere that this television series will be unfolding. The nostalgia surrounding our suburbs and the childhood stories in a time when everything seemed possible. In Antoine’s Backyard is a “tribute” to this period in time and an opportunity to learn more about Antoine.

Antoine Sicotte, an exceptional and lovable chef, makes us discover that cooking on the grill all summer long is possible! Using simple, fresh, and easy-to-find ingredients to help you multiply your grilling recipes. In Antoine’s Backyard is a simple and festive television show that will definitely delight all grilling enthusiasts!

Producer: Véronique Dea
Director: Jean-Sébastien Desrosiers
Broadcast: Zeste