Félipé, the Sausage Pimp (S01-S02)

Weekly Magazine 13 X 30 minutes – S02

We meet with Félipé the Sausage Pimp for a second season. Once again he amazes us by creating even more original sausages and other types of charcuterie. In each episode, we see him in the making of his homemade products. We also get to discover his network made of crazy people and places. No matter where he goes (Quebec, Switzerland, New York) Félipé looks for people like him, cooks, sausage makers or charcutiers with whom he can be creative, get inspired and have fun. In short, in this second season, our favourite charcutier continues to raise the quality of his products driven by his curiosity.

Producer: Véronique Dea
Director: Jean-Philppe Pariseau
Broadcast: www.zeste.tv

Weekly Magazine 13 X 30 minutes – S01

Félipé is an irreverent and none the less original charcutier. Affectionately nicknamed «the Sausage Pimp», Felipé is known for making improbable flavoured sausages that are sooo delicious! Follow him in through his creative delirium, his adventures and see his innate talent to get himself into these completely crazy events! Whether making his Kraft Dinner, foie gras or « Godfather » sausages, Félipé will never cease to amaze you!