Mister Bruno’s Vacation (S01-02-03)

Weekly magazine 8 episodes x 60 min – S03

Our still very intrepid world traveler Bruno Blanchet sets out on another journey… This time putting his luggage down on the fascinating yet unknown continent of Africa. Taking us off the beating track to meet with locals and to be totally immersed in their day to day life. With his multiple adventures, his colorful personality and original perspective all combined to his wacky sense of humour, Mister Bruno makes us discover Africa’s true nature.

Producer: Véronique Dea
Directors: Jérôme Hof and Alexandre Doucet

Broadcast: www.evasion.tv (S01, S02, S03) et TV5 MONDE (S01)

Weekly Magazine 13 X 60 minutes – S02

Bruno Blanchet, our intrepid world traveller, embarks on new adventures for a second season! This time he heads to India, Philippines and Columbia for numerous adventures! This long trip promises to be a whole lot crazier and surprising with motley scenic scenes and moving, life changing encounters like only Bruno can create. Three countries, 1000 unlikely situations, all combined with Bruno Blanchet’s unique crazy sense of humour.

Producer: Véronique Dea
Co-Directors: Bruno Blanchet and Arnaud Bouquet

Weekly Magazine 13 X 60 minutes – S01

Bruno Blanchet, also known as Mister Bruno, takes us once again through his incredible travel stories this time using a camera instead of a pen. For this first season, Mister Bruno heads to Southeast Asia to visit Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. A long voyage of 80 days during which Mister Bruno takes interest in the cultural identity of the visited communities. Even if through interesting experiences Mister Bruno challenges our western cultural values and habits, he spices up the show with his colourful humour and talent dealing with unlikely situations for our great enjoyment!

Producer: Véronique Dea
Director: Jean Bourbonnais