No Excuses No Limits

Documentary – 60 min

This documentary presents a portrait of Luca Patuelli borned with Arthrogryposis, a disorder that makes the use of his legs almost impossible. We discover this man who, when he was a teenager, went from Luca Patuelli to LazyLegz, an internationally renown Bboy dancer.
For the past few years, he has been the head of a Hip Hop dance program: Projet RAD (Résevé Aux Danseurs) an urban dance program in which he gives people with disabilities a chance to follow inclusive classes in a safe environment adapted to their needs. Through testimony from his loved ones and yougsters from the Projet RAD, we get to discover this man’s journey transforming a disability into a powerful strength.

This film is about self-esteem, solidarity and resilience. Themes that are often exploited but never through a story as rich as the one of Luca Patuelli alias LazyLegz.

Executive Producer: Véronique Dea
Line Producer: Dominique Rhéaume
Director: Christian Lalumière